Frequently Asked Questions


1)  How do you get water spots off of glass?

Answer:  I have a product called AMAZE.  It comes with a little Scotch White pad.  Dampen the Scotch White pad and dip it into the AMAZE container.  Wipe it on the glass with slight pressure using a horizontal direction.   Wipe the AMAZE off with HB GLASS CLEANER.  You might have to repeat the process until spots disappear.


2)  Why do my tires look brown?

Answer:  More than likely your tires have not been thoroughly cleaned or have been cleaned with the wrong product.  What you need to do it clean them first with THINK GREEN CLEANER.  Spray the THINK GREEN CLEANER on the tire and scrub with a stiff brush.  Rinse off.   Then use HI-SHINE tire dressing. 


3)  Why does my tire dressing sling onto my car?

Answer:  You are most likely using a solvent based aerosol or a solvent based silicon dressing that isn't designed to stick.  When using HI-SHINE TIRE DRESSING it will not sling because it is a water based, emulsified, silicone tire dressing that seeps into the rubber tire.   It does NOT sling onto your vehicle and keeps your tires looking shiny and black. 


4)  How can I get water spots off of my paint?

Answer:  Use EUROPEAN CUT COMPOUND, either by hand or machine.  Apply EUROPEAN CUT COMPOUND onto a wax applicator pad or a buffing pad.  Using a horizontal direction, rub the compound over the spots.  This will remove the water spots and minor scratches.   AFTER using the EUROPEAN CUT COMPOUND your vehicle must be waxed to protect the paint from UV light.  I recommend using CHERRY WET WAX or EASY CARNAUBA. 


5)  How can I restore luster to the plastic bumper and door molding on my vehicle?

Answer:  Use BLACK TASTIC or GRAY TASTIC (depending on the color of your bumper or molding) on these areas.  It will dye and restore the luster back to your plastic.  It will not run or wash off in rain or car washings.  It holds up for 3 to six months.