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April 4th, 2013

I am the sole caretaker of a 6 bedroom, 6 bath, apartment attached, Tudor style, cottage windowed estate. Since arrival at this employment my biggest and most dreadful task has been the windows! after my boss purchased Flynn's to help me with keeping the cars prepared, I got a little frisky with this product and decided to try it on the windows of the estate, itself. the very first run was a little bit trying considering I wasn't educated enough to use lint-free rags!... just moments went by after the first few windows... I knew the only thing to do now was to stop at the store pick up some lint free rags and make this place SHINE! I have even purchased some off meet own product & begun picking up clients on the side and spring readying their homes with amazingly crystal clear windows! now we don't buy it by the Squirtbottle we buy it by the five gallon bucket! there is no doubt Flynn's made my life easier.... and I look like more of a pro than the pros that I've been doing a not so great job on those windows! job security guys... that's what I'm talking about!

jamilyn from sevierville, United States
January 20th, 2013

I would have to say that I have used just about every product there is out there to use. I found Flynn's about 6 or 7 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I really enjoy the EZ carnauba and the Cherry. These two waxes are probably my favorite because they get the job done fast and last forever. I have a 51 chevy and a honda that I wax all the time. Do not be skeptical of these products, they work and work great. I would recommend these to anyone. Thank Flynn's for such a wonderful product and being a great local business to buy from.

Heather from Winston Salem, North Carolina - United States
September 9th, 2012

I own a yacht detailing business in Hilton Head, SC. I have built my business by restoring yachts that many have deemed restorable without painting. Flynn Products have made it easier to restore all of my projects! The products are the best out there, I have tried them all. I save time, have the best finished product out there, and time between ordering product and delvery is outstanding and short. My business has grown 30% this year and I thank Flynn Detail Products for their great products and amazing customer support. They have simplified this part of our business.

David from Hilton Head, South Carolina - United States
September 11th, 2011

After trying many other products from different manufacturers, a friend told me about Flynn's black ebony for my black truck and your products are superior to any others that I have tried.

After using your products, I was in contention for best of paint in the last two car shows I entered.

Thanks Flynn!

Ike from , North Carolina - United States
July 14th, 2011

The dealership that I drive for, asked me to take a 2008 Black Lexus to Baltimore, MD this past Monday. Saturday I picked the car up from the dealership that had just been detailed. When I got the car to my house, looked it over and was quite dissapointed in the dealerships detailing. So, I broke out my Flynn's Detailing Products, clay bar, some dawn and gave this puppy one good cleaning. Later buffed it out with some Ebony Polish. Drove the car to Baltimore, some 700 miles and other than some bugs on the front bumper, it still looked outstanding. Took some photo's of the finished product on Saturday, gave them to the dealerships owner on Tuesday when I arrived back, via Air Tran of course. The new owner was simply impressed as all get out with the finish on a 2008 used car..Thank's Steve..

RANDALL from DALLAS, Georgia - United States
February 28th, 2011

This weekend I pulled the wheels on Atomic8 (2008 Corvette) to clean the wheel wells to get ready for a car show in 2 weeks. I normally use 303 Aerospace Protectant after washing down. However, I used Flynn's Motor Shine on all the surfaces and exposed components. The results were better than the condition received from the factory. The shocks, rubber components and all the other parts within the wheel well area glow. After applying the Flynn's Motor Shine, I sprayed a coat of Aerospace Protectant which really was not needed. I found this product last year at a car show and used on the engine compartment with unbelievable results. There is no silicone in the product to attracted dust. I have used the other products they offer with excellent results also. It's a great feeling to run into new products such as offered by Flynn's.

Thomas from McDonough, Georgia - United States
February 6th, 2011

As a manger for a large retailer,we had sponsored a car show. At the show I noticed several cars with outstanding detail.When I inquired I was told go to Flynns. I made a appt to see the facility and drove over 1 hour to meet Mr Flynn. Upon my arrival I was a little suprised but toured the facility. They were very friendly, I was a detailer on the side for many years as well as a sales manager for highline cars such as mercedes banz.I have tried several companies around the globe. I was very impressed with the cherry wax. I left spending 150.00 and a complete line of detail products.After several cold months I finally got to try everything from wax to tire shine to detail mist, and think green as well as glass cleaner.My Benz's new and used produced a shine that none could compare. Everything that was recommended was above my expectation. tks for the referral and look forward to try others.

Paul from Alpharetta, Georgia - United States
November 24th, 2010

1st time I meet Mr. Flynn and Flynns Detail Products was with my 2004 Dodge Ram, I had taken a well known degreaser to my engine bay and had turned all my aluminum to nice black dots, I called Steve he came right over with Alumi Bright, We sprayed down the engine and like magic all nice and shiny again, Then sprayed it down with Motor Shine engine looked better than it did brand new. Thanks Flynns Products for all your great products and help!!

Pete from Flowery Branch, Georgia - United States
November 23rd, 2010

I met Mr Flynn at a Godfather's show. I was sponsored by famous brand of car wax at the time. I was not really impressed with my sponsors's detailing mist. Mr Flynn came over and started to detail my car! At the time I thought my car looked perfect, as my Flynn used his purple detail mist on my car people started asking me what it was he was using, cause they said from where they were sitting my car actually was getting a deeper black color! They wanted to know where to buy it! That was 6 years ago. I have used nothing by Flynns on all my cars and cars I detail in my business. My show car is also my daily driver and has 258,000 miles on her...and she still has the original paint ! If Flynns can do this on my car just imagine what itcan do on YOUR car!


Eddie from Snellville, Georgia - United States
November 20th, 2010

i called flynn's to ask for a little tech support on my show car. it was late afternoon at five pm. i did not think i would get anyone who would help but i tried. when they answered it was MR.FLYNN he was busy trying to fill a very large order. he stopped what he was doing listen to my little problem and made sure i got my product before the show. i realize that he wanted to get done and go home but he took time to help me with a little $10 order. in a day that american companies answer there phone in india. its great to have the OWNER of a company care about his customers. oh yea the products are great i use only flynns on all three show cars

james from rocky mount, Virginia - United States
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